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User Testing

Today I carried out an individual user testing task in which I simply presented my website to my friend and watched her interact with the site. She immediately selected the large magnifier icon in the centre of the screen and … Continue reading

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Map Functionality file:///Users/lottiemonk/Downloads/mapsandplacesplusgeolocation/mapsandplacesplusgeolocation.html The above links have been fantastic for my research into geo-location. There are several different ways to embed google maps into a website, with the easiest strategy using Google maps, typing in a search and clicking the … Continue reading

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Audience Research

My target audience (or perhaps what could also be described, in the context of this essay, as user-base or customer-base) has now been clearly established. Originally, I had anticipated that my audience would be freelance designers. However, after an in-depth … Continue reading

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Research into other generic icons featured in websites

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Conceptual Research

In this short essay I will provide justification of the decisions I have made in the proposal of my product and give an analysis of the potential societal and political impact of my product. It is crucial in any project, … Continue reading

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Problems with freelancing Many websites that talk about the problems with freelancing highlight the importance of self-promotion of work. Many freelancers become so involved with projects that they forget to continue to market themselves. This is where my website provides … Continue reading

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Further Research

Over the past week I have continued in depth research into my idea and my targeted audience. I have spent time discussing my idea with several people in order to gain feedback and have found that my target audience needs … Continue reading

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