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Last Minute!

I submitted my project on Friday which I am extremely pleased about! However, on the Thursday the day before, I had realised my upload file button hadn’t yet been coded to enable the uploading of PDF and video files. This … Continue reading

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Registering REAL users to my site

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have managed to get REAL media freelancers to sign up to my site which will improve the commercialism of my site. Below are some screenshots of the media freelancers that have signed … Continue reading

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Recently I have implemented a Recaptcha box into my site, during the sign up page to protect my website against bots! When navigating to the Google Recaptcha page to register my site to use the Recaptcha API I noticed the … Continue reading

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Encrypting Passwords

Today I have encrypted the passwords of my site. On reflection, I should have done this at the very beginning of the project, not only for security reasons, but also for convenience. I was unaware that once a users profile … Continue reading

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Lightbulb Moment!

Today I have had what I would call a lightbulb moment! When speaking with my supervisor with regard to my concerns of my website, he suggested perhaps creating a supporting campaign to advertise ‘MediaLink’. He explained that if there are … Continue reading

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Progression in CSS

I have spent this week working on the aesthetics of my website. The forms on my website were very basic and felt standardised, in addition to this, the mini profile and full profile were a long way off a professional … Continue reading

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User Testing

Today I carried out an individual user testing task in which I simply presented my website to my friend and watched her interact with the site. She immediately selected the large magnifier icon in the centre of the screen and … Continue reading

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