Final To-do List!

Today I have written my final to-do list! The list involves minor changes to the css, in terms of changing the colour of a links, ensuring widths of containers are exactly the same, creating scrollbars etc. Other tasks that I intend to complete by the end of next week involve any debugging of the site, as well as validation and security. I have recently emailed my tutor asking if he can attempt to hack my website (without breaking it!) so that if there are any improvements I can make I can ensure these have been implemented before the final deadline. One additional feature I intend to add to Media Link is a small pop up message that prompts a new user to complete their profile. During user testing I observed the activity carried out after the sign up process and noticed that the user immediately selected the explore button, to which they could then potentially come across their incomplete profile with no work uploaded, or profile picture or biography. Consequently, I thought it would be a good idea to include a pop up box next to the edit profile button displaying the message ‘Remember to complete your profile!’. After these tasks are completed I will then need to screen record the website in use showing off all its functionality and add the recording into my final presentation!

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