Supervisor Meeting

Today I met with my supervisor to discuss the progress I had made over Easter. I asked my supervisor to navigate round the site naturally and I observed his actions or if there was any confusion with regard to certain selections etc. My tutors initial reaction was that the site was looking really good and that I had made some good progress on the functionality itself and the brand image was coming along nicely. Whilst observing I noticed some confusion as to what graphics or text were hyperlinks or not. Some images, such as the featured work images on the mini profiles, were clicked with the expectation that this might appear larger. The same instance was apparent when attempting to access the full profile where the name of the user was selected however I hadn’t made this a hyperlink, only had I made the profile picture a link.

The overall response was a positive one with some slight adaptations to make to improve the user experience and user intuition. Below are annotated screenshots whereby the user expected some content to be hyperlinks. In addition to this, there was confusion as to whether some pages were scrollable or not (as annotated in the first screenshot). From this feedback I intend to make the additional hyperlinks and attempt to ensure that each scroll bar is visible to the user.




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