Feedback from Promotional QR code cards!

The cards you have designed look good. Just be careful not to mix alignment too much (the left-aligned ‘media link’ text looks strange when placed above centred content) and watch your visual alignment (it would look better if the foreground content didn’t overlap with the strong shape of the rock in the bottom-left corner).
With regards to how the cards might work, I really like your idea of the card offering one random connection! That’s really good. I appreciate your concerns regarding sign-ups but it’s fairly common practice for websites to offer a ‘teaser’ of the content and then request that the user signs up to engage with it. I know this would be more difficult to implement but maybe the user is shown a single random profile and then prompted to sign up if they wish to establish a link with them?

Above is the feedback I received from my tutor with regard to the promotion QR code cards I intend to create. The feedback has been really useful especially in terms of how the cards might work. The idea of immediately being faced with a random media freelancers profile will perhaps be a more practical, appealing one in comparison to a tedious sign up form that could potentially disengage individuals within seconds. This is something I will have to think about with regard to the functionality of the redirects.
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