Lightbulb Moment!

Today I have had what I would call a lightbulb moment!

When speaking with my supervisor with regard to my concerns of my website, he suggested perhaps creating a supporting campaign to advertise ‘MediaLink’. He explained that if there are certain features of the website that I fail to complete, a supporting campaign would strengthen the project.

I was asked during the first critique how I would encourage users to sign up to my website. Originally, I was going to allow users to explore freelancers without signing up, however this would result in an extremely small user-base. Consequently, I have implemented redirects to stop a user from exploring freelancers without signing up.

This was just one solution to attempt to increase the number of users of my site. I then came up with another solution in the form of a campaign using QR codes to further increase users. Because MediaLink has a ‘random generator’ nature to the site in that a user does not know who they will discover next, a QR code has this same ‘unknown’ format to it. I intent to create business cards with the QR code featured that after scanning, will direct them to the sign up page of the site, in which they then can proceed to discovering a freelancer.

These cards can be distributed at media freelancer events and media co-working spaces!

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