Progression in CSS

I have spent this week working on the aesthetics of my website. The forms on my website were very basic and felt standardised, in addition to this, the mini profile and full profile were a long way off a professional look.

I have now improved several aspects of the design:

  • Styled the name of a user to ensure a user is aware this text is a hyperlink!
  • Given both the mini profile and full profile some hierarchy in terms of design by increasing the font size of the name of a user.
  • I have added a ‘bio’ section to add more content to the profiles and have styled this italic.
  • I have styled the users area of expertise in bold so it is given importance and noticed quickly by a user.
  • The search bar is now implemented on the explore page as well as the homepage. However, I am debating whether to position the search bar more conventionally on the page in the top right hand corner, and therefore accessible on every single page.
  • Lastly, I have created three boxes into the mini profile for a user to show three featured pieces of their work. I am yet to make thumbnails appear of the work, however the divs are now positioned in place.


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