Further User Testing

During the concept critique I distributed user testing sheets to those students viewing my website.

I received a considerable amount of useful feedback from the other students which has proved extremely beneficial for the production of my website:

“Good progress on the face of difficulties! Somewhat behind on incorporating member work into profiles.”

“Some really nice visual effects, but some areas lacking in quality- e.g sign-up form hard to read and explore form button a long way off.”

“A few links don’t work.”

“Check code validation!”

“Much of the functionality is working well.”

“So far you have a random photo viewer. The incorporation and display of work is going to be key.”

“Visually the website is very pleasing and set out professionally. My only comment would be to work on the form layouts as they feel very standardised.”

All the login and page editing works perfectly. I would maybe include something that makes the profile links more clear that it is a hyperlink.”

“Overall a very clean and pleasant site to use.”

“Media Link top left is clear but not that creative.”

“Warm, inviting colours.”

“Love the symbolic logo.”

“The background relates to the slogan but not too much with digital links.”

“Many aspects to the website/functions that work- are the passwords encrypted?”

“Connecting users- how are you going to advertise this?”

“Pages hard to read, the white text is hard to read against white background- block background maybe?”

“Choice of background is attractive.”

“No significant errors aside from some odd visual stuff with small screens.”

“The design idea is good but the colour scheme needs re-thinking a bit maybe change the font type. Flat design might look good on this project.”

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