I felt it was appropriate to name this blog post: “Meltdown!” because that is what I have experienced this week!

I have had some huge problems using the Foundation CSS framework. Originally, I had thought that I could use Foundation to assist with pop-up boxes, styling them with smooth animations and transitions. Foundation did do this brilliantly, however I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t add additional CSS, consequently this caused conflicting code which resulted in the wrong visual result.

This was extremely stressful because the whole structure of my website was based around each pop up using just one php page. Every pop up box was included on my ‘homestart.php’ page.

As a result, I decided to remove all the Foundation stylesheets, separate all my code into new files and start afresh. I wasn’t using the framework effectively enough by defining each section of my content into rows and columns therefore I created a new CSS file too.

This process made me extremely anxious as I felt that I was effectively starting again, five months behind schedule! On reflection, realistically I wasn’t completely starting again. The php functionality was mainly complete, it was simply the design that needed to be re-assessed.

Both my tutors, Chris and Tom, expressed confusion in regards to the Geo-location aspect. They explained that my websites main purpose is not to show a users location. I feel that I had got slightly carried away with embedding google maps into my website, and on reflection I agreed with them. When carrying out user-testing on the website there was immediate confusion! In response to this, I decided to remove Google maps completely, along with both other sections: ‘Co-working Spaces near you’ and ‘Events and conferences around the world’.

I revisited my Pitch Documentation of my original aims and objectives and realised that my main focus was simply to discover media freelancers at random and view their portfolios!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 09.26.54

Now, this is exactly what my website does- although I have removed complex features such as Google Maps, the website serves its purpose and there is no confusion for users!

Below is a screenshot of the site at present:


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