Map Functionality



The above links have been fantastic for my research into geo-location.

There are several different ways to embed google maps into a website, with the easiest strategy using Google maps, typing in a search and clicking the share/embed link which saves the search and the markers placed on the map. You can either choose to copy the short URL link, or copy the code given for the map which is placed in an iframe.

A more complex means of embedding google maps is to use the API. This gives options to change latitude and longitude options etc. This is the method I have chosen.

The last link posted is where I have taken the code from and built upon this myself, such as changing height, width and removing padding etc.

The issue I am having is customizing the map and also working out a way that a user can click the map which will run my randomization php code. At the moment when a user clicks on the map it uses the Google map functionality, such as click and dragging navigation. I need both functionality to work in conjunction with each other.

I intend to meet with Chris for some advice on this.

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