Supervisor Meeting

Starting the second semester I arranged to meet with my supervisor to discuss the current progress of my website. I wanted some advice in regards to how improve the design of my website. I wasn’t keen on the colour scheme of the website. I had been trying to select a colour palette that conveyed professionalism, but creativity too. The Adobe Kuler website is useful for choosing a colour palette, however integrating five colours is sometimes difficult.

Tom suggested instead of the very bright white background use a very soft light grey, as well as losing the burgundy red colour as this didn’t compliment the navy. Another suggestion was to customise the boxes containing the ‘Co-working spaces’ and ‘Events and conferences’ differently. The dark coloured rectangular shape made the website feel heavy and 2-dimensional. Consequently I adapted this by removing the block colour and simply giving each box a thin rule to separate the content. I also made each scroll narrower using shades of grey to create a design of depth.

I am still yet to design a logo for Media Link as I am working on the look and feel of the website as this dramatically changed from my original designs that I felt were unprofessional. This is a task I need to get underway in the next week. Despite this, the small improvements made to the website have improved the overall design considerably.

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