Semester Two

Today I have submitted the prototype of my website, Media Link.

I felt it was important to list the features still outstanding and to be completed during the second semester.

I anticipate the most difficult features to be the GPS functionality and the live chat component.

I intend for the website to track the users location using an IP address. From carrying out research into the technicalities it is fairly straightforward to do this using the Google Map API- however intend to use the world map graphic instead of the default Google Map design. I am certain this can be done because something similar has been demonstrated in: and–mobile-456

The same GPS functionality should also help me to fully implement the ‘Co-working spaces near you’ feature. At present I have simply given a mock-up list of co-working spaces in the UK. This content will need to be coded so that if a user shared their location, a list of co-working spaces addresses will be displayed in relation to their city. However, to ensure this feature doesn’t become redundant if a user does not wish for their current exact location to be shared, I will simply display co-working spaces near the user related to the country that has been selected during the registration process.

I intend to tackle the features based on location first as I believe they will be the most challenging. The other tasks to be carried out during the second semester are as follows:

  • Live Chat feature
  • Continue to work on the design of the site (font size on the top bar needs to be the same, both mini-profile and full profile need styling, close buttons need to be added to each pop-up)
  • Ensure that every input box is protected against hackers
  • Create error messages for every input box i.e. if left null/incorrect/already existing etc
  • Create zoom in/zoom out functionality of the world map
  • Create roll over links for each tagged location on the map that displays the relevant content
  • Create upload file buttons for both ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Featured Work’
  • Add content for both ‘Privacy Statement’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Add ‘delete account’ option
  • Add delete buttons for each piece of work a user uploads to their Portfolio. As well as a selection to set a piece of work to be their ‘Featured Work’.
  • Drop down lists: ‘Area of Expertise’ and ‘Country’ need to hold and remember the selection that the user has input during the registration process to ensure that each time a user edits and updates their profile they don’t have to re-enter the selection.
  • Ensure browser compatibility and create css files for mobile and tablet screen sizes
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