Amendments to the Redesign

I recently showed my supervisor the redesign of my website and his comments were as follows:

In terms of the design, my only suggestion is to avoid the background image. It’s very bold and overpowers the foreground content. Don’t forget that a site of this nature should allow the design work to take centre stage.

On reflection, when you log in to ‘Media Link’ the world map it slightly over-shadowed by the background image. You can still see the graphic but a user should be able to notice it immediately. Though it creates depth, it becomes too bold for the centre graphic, therefore I have removed this now. I did however, discuss my concerns with my supervisor regarding the sites now very plain/bland visuals. His response was as follows:

I think the site looks far superior without the background image. I agree that it’s a little bland though. I recommend that you think about introducing some subtle design features that give the site a little more personality without overpowering the main content. I know you’re not a fan of Behance but if you look at the design of their site, it’s very basic but also has some nice, subtle design features (such as the little down arrows next to the menu items, using blue as an accent colour, small icons for likes, views etc.)

These comments were extremely helpful to enable me to add subtle detail to improve the design. The action I have taken in response to the suggestions have been to create small icons to accompany the ‘Events and Conferences’ and ‘Co-working Spaces Near You’ sections.


I also intend to produce other generic icons, such as a message icon for the live chat feature, as well as a small zoom in/zoom out scale for the world map!

Other websites that include some subtle iconic aid to helping the user quickly define what each section of the website serves as its purpose is WordPress. For example, the ‘featured image’ icon WordPress uses could represent the ‘featured work’ of a freelancer. This has given me some useful inspiration.

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