Profile Restrictions

When viewing different user profiles I do not want to enable the user that is logged in to have the opportunity to edit every users profile. That would be very problematic! I only want them to be able to edit their OWN profile.

Therefore I will need to create an if statement to say that, IF a user is logged in and the $profileusername matches the $username logged in, SHOW the edit profile button, ELSE, hide it or don’t show it with the empty div.

Here is the if else statement:

if ($profileusername == $username) {

<a href=”editprofile”>
<div id=”pencil”><a href=”editprofilepage.php?user=<?php echo $myprofile;?>”>Edit<img src=”pen.png”></a></div>

else {
<div id=”nopen”></div>

I have had to break up the php code here simply because there is HTML code in between.

The following screenshots demonstrate that when ‘yes’ (user 78) is Logged in, the edit button (the pencil) shows, but when I manually change the URL to a different user profile such as user 50, the edit button disappears.


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