First Grading

Today we received our results for our timed presentations. My mark was 58%- I was fairly disappointed with this and felt that I had perhaps over rehearsed which had impacted on my mark. After speaking with my supervisor I realised I needed to explain the key concepts of my idea more clearly. This is something I have learnt and turned into a positive by refining my keys aims, objectives and selling points.

The adapted elements are shown below:

Aim: The aim of my website is to globally connect freelance designers together.


1) I will research existing techniques freelancers use to network.

2) I will research into the number of global connections various freelancers have already.

3) I will create a fully functional website using both Dreamweaver and Hype.

4) I will produce a suitable, professional and eye-catching website design.

Thankfully the presentation is only 10% of the final mark, however I wanted to receive higher marks in every section of the assessment in the module. To ensure I make up for this mark, I have worked extremely hard refining my aims, objectives and key selling points and included these in my Pitch Documentation. I have tried to create a look and feel of my Pitch Documentation, that is as professional as possible. I aim to submit the document tomorrow, after a final proof read of course! In addition to submitting an electronic copy, I think it would be particularly impressive to get the document professionally printed and hand this to my supervisor Tom for marking.

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