First deadline down

Three days ago each and every one of us on this module attended the ‘Concept Critique’. We each presented our pitches under timed conditions, followed by questions and feedback. I felt that I had prepared for my presentation well, as well as producing handouts for the students and supervisors.

I feel that now I have the first deadline completed I can really focus on my Pitch Documentation. I want to ensure the document holds professionalism accompanied with strong graphics, colour palette and content. I need to finalise the last few pages that are currently incomplete regarding content. These include: Design, the Gantt Chart, Contents and Bibliography. My gantt chart is underway, however I am having real difficulty in adapting the time bars of each task. Merlin is automatically fixing tasks to specific dates which is very frustrating.

A key part of my research is speaking to freelancers and finding out what information my audience want to receive on my website. Therefore, I have handed out questionnaires in which, so far, I have received six responses. I will continue to distribute these to gain more information to help with my project. In addition to this, I have drawn up wire frames of the website and its navigation and completed the digital versions of these on Illustrator.

I intend over the next few weeks to fully understand how I can use Hype to its best potential, in preparation to begin to produce my prototype during the middle of November.

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