Further Research

Over the past week I have continued in depth research into my idea and my targeted audience.

I have spent time discussing my idea with several people in order to gain feedback and have found that my target audience needs to be more refined. Initially I intended on an audience of aspiring designers, professional designers, and perhaps students studying design. In actual fact I realised that those who would need the website in particular are ‘Freelancers’. Typically, they have the biggest issue with communication and connections.

The freelance industry is cultivating rapidily and the importance of networking is becoming stronger for them. A platform for freelancers to share creative work through randomisation would provide them with inspiration as well as potential contacts in the creative industry.

I have sent a Questionnaire out to various Freelancers to gain more information about my audience and their needs.

The questionnaire is as follows:

1) Describe your average working day from AM to PM

2) Do you spend most of your day alone or mixing with others?

3) How would you go about finding other designers?

4) Where do you find inspiration for work?

5) How many designers do you know that are not within the country you live?

6) Are you users of any of the following: Behance, Linked In, Dribble, Sortfolio or Stumble Upon?

Behance                 Yes/No

Linked In               Yes/No

Dribble                    Yes/No

Sortfolio                 Yes/No

Stumble Upon       Yes/No

7) List your likes and dislikes/limitations of those websites you use:




Linked In









Stumble Upon



8) How did you meet other freelancers that you now know?

9) Is there any way you share or advertise your work? i.e through an online portfolio or through social media etc.

10) What information would you like to know about a freelancer you had recently come across on the Internet?

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