Pitch Presentation Planning

Today I have input the content into the presentation. I have pasted the content below:


Slide One:

Lottie Monk

St. Albans | Lover of design

Skills: Design for print | Coding | Branding | Meeting deadlines | Time management

Experience: Informa, The Licensing Company and RtFacts

Future Career Plans: To work in a digital media company whereby I can take on a role that encompasses both design and programming


Slide Two:

Project Overview and Aim

  • I intend to produce a website aimed at aspiring and/or professional designers, driven through the randomization of publishing creative works.
  • The aim is, through randomization, to discover designers from all over the world in a click of a button, and reignite the concept of sharing ideas/designs at ease without the overuse of various confusing copyright licenses.


Slide Three:

Key Selling Points

  • Find a designers featured creative work and their basic contact details in the click of a (yes 1) button.
  • Innovative, creative and interactive method to ‘discovering’.


Slide Four:




Slide Five:

Competitor Analysis 

How is my project different, but more importantly, how is it BETTER from these competitors?

– It is driven through randomization

– It doesn’t function through lengthy sort filters

– You are faced with a design that is not found from self-selection

– It features an exciting interface

– Creative works aren’t tied to several copyright laws.


Slide Six:

Progress to date

  • Researched issues in society.
  • By solving an issue in society I am fulfilling a need.
  • Planned a Gantt chart
  • Researched my competitors, noting positive and negative features of their websites.
  • Investigated the different applications to assist in interactive websites.
  • Produced various wireframes for the website


This is a draft copy in which I need to think about how I could add additional features to the website to allow for another ‘key selling point’. I also need to give some thought about how my project is of commercial value.


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