Supervisor Meeting

This afternoon I met with my supervisor where I discussed the potential ideas I had for my project. Tom particularly liked three of my ideas. One being the story-telling app, another being an app providing a live route of each bus and lastly, a website to encourage ‘creative connections’ discovering designers all across the world. After some deliberation, and distinguishing my personal strengths and weaknesses I decided that a website would be feasible, would challenge me in terms of programming, and the concept of challenging the growing stigma with copyright issues and the exclusivity of creative works, is a strong one! Over the next week I intend to develop this idea of a ‘creative connections’ website. I will research competitors and note their positive and negative features of their website.

In addition to this, I am conscious that I present an excellent, professional pitch to my tutors and fellow students. Consequently this means completing the template Powerpoint presentation we have been provided, by including important information about our project such as an overview, key selling points, objectives etc. Early completion of the presentation will allow me to rehearse making sure I have perfected the content for the duration of each slide.

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