‘The problem-solver’

Today I observed naturally occurrent problems in every day life to help me to come up with a practical, useful, app that meets a specific need.

Whilst taking the bus into the town center, I noticed several people ask the bus driver where the bus was going to, did it stop near the station, what was its route etc. I questioned to myself why so many people felt the need to ask the driver. Couldn’t they google the bus number and find all the relevant information there? I tried it myself. It turns out that viewing large timetables and lengthy bus routes is actually extremely difficult and not in any way user friendly, to do on a website on your mobile. Thats when it occurred to me. How about an app which has a live map of each bus numbers route? A user friendly app driven through GPS featuring clear marks for each stop. For all those newbies stepping onto a bus, or for those unfamiliar to an area, to know when the bus is going to turn left or right or whether they can continue just one stop further to drop them closer to their destination.

My next observation of problematic experiences was the amount of students at the University that were lost asking me for directions to particular rooms. Regrettably, I couldn’t give one definite answer to the lost freshers! This opened up another opportunity for a solution. A route planner for inside the University buildings, something Google Maps doesn’t have the detail for.

One thought came from seeing so many young children (many close to me) that aren’t able to see their parents on a daily basis due to work commitments. Perhaps a story telling app whereby parents can read stories to their children via FaceTime, would make those nights away from their children easier. The FaceTime aspect would be at the minimised format whilst the cartoon story would be at full screen. The parent would have the controls to turn the pages to allow the child to simply listen and read.

Finally, another idea that stemmed from our ‘Internet Policy’ module was the issue of ‘Copyright’. Personally, I feel that creativtiy is about freedom and sharing, and that it has become hugely restricted and regulated with copyright rules. I believe in copyright policies to some extent but perhaps not to what the extreme it has become today. Consequently, I thought of an idea to promote ‘creative connections’ by a website that allows a user to spin a globe and the idea of randomisation would show you a designers best piece of creative art work along with their basic personal profile!


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