A week of browsing…

I have spent the week immersing myself in various design and technology websites and events, in an attempt to spark an idea.

I have searched through every page on ‘Designspiration’, ‘Pintrest’, you name it, I’ve searched it.

The BBC frequently post new stories regarding technology and I noticed the occurrence in each story that every new invention has a key aspect to it- solving a problem.

For example, the famous, app-driven taxi service ‘Uber’ based in London, has swept thousands of customers from black cabs. ‘Uber’ promises lower fares, and has a ‘refer a friend’ reward system where you and the referred friend receive £10 on credit. The new Maaxi app has made an effort to challenge this by providing a counter app, to search those near you who are travelling in the same direction and essentially ‘cab share’ to slash the fare of black cabs. Another example, the ‘Wakie’ app that helps you wake up with a stranger. How many times to we hit the snooze button before we actually fully wake up? The ‘Wakie’ app allows you to search for ‘Sleepies’ around the world that need waking up. This would definitely solve my struggle to get up in the morning by stimulating my brain to become alert in seconds through a stranger!

The common factor in these new technological solutions, is ‘the need’ for something, or the ‘problem-solver’.




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